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Difalco Design Accessories
#DD704 "Blast" Relay

DD704 - "Blast" Relay - 40 amp (70 amp surge) high power relay installs easily on main wires. Includes instructions for all controllers as well as special parts and instructions for Difalco Design  "E"Motion electronic controllers and modules. Text plus drawings make our kit easier to install than other brands! When activated the relay closes to allow a shorter current path through controller and more power to your lane! Improves power to all controllers, especially with stock 14 gauge wire. Kit includes control wire, tie wraps, arc protection devices.
Kit now has 14 gauge wire to solder from relay to alligator clips to cut wire resistance in half compared to stock wire! Comparable performance to installing our 10 gauge wire kit! No one else gives you this wire. $14.00

DD717 - Acu-Brake Variable Brake All new design! The simplest way to add variable brakes to your Parma Turbo resistor controller. Now features our full range economy brake rheostat. Simply bolt the rheostat bracket to the top resistor barrel, then splice two wires into the controllers brake line. Variable brakes will smooth out your driving and lower your lap times.  $19.50.

DD719 Acu-Pivot Trigger Pin Our new custom designed trigger pin makes it easy to take the side play and wobble out of your trigger. Simply screw our threaded pin to your turbo frame, install trigger, thrust washer and adjusting nut. Back off adjustment nut until trigger moves freely and you're done! Less trigger play means reduced wiper arcing, improved feel and consistent wiper tension for all controllers. No more trigger screw rubbing on inside of handle. This is the best money you will spend on your controller. 3/card @ $4.00 each $12.00