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#DD806 Brake Rheostat Pro

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#DD830 #DD838 Power Transistor

DD806 - Brake Rheostat-Pro, Brake Rheostat, pro, with knob, variable with off position, reducing washers. Now has special hole reducing washers to easily upgrade from economy rheostat (3/8" hole) to pro brake rheostat (1/4" hole). For all "E"Motion models as well as all other brand electronic controllers with economy rheostat. Can also be used to upgrade DD717 Acu-Brake from economy to pro rheostat. $54.00

DD807 - Brake Rheostat-Pro, Brake rheostat, pro, variable with off position. All brands. $50.00

DD814 - Controller Trigger Shunt, flat bare copper braid with terminal, much more flexible than tinned track braid, replacement for all controller brands. $2.00

DD819 - Sensitivity Switch, replacement, all external resistor controllers. $8.00

DD830 - Power Transistor, large silver transistor used on all "E"Motion electronic controllers and modules. 11.00

DD834 - Acu-Brake Repair Kit. Replacement resistance wire, solder wick and instructions. This repair kit is for original Acu-Brake with sliding resistance selector knob. $6.00

DD835 - "E"lectronic Reset Fuse, Will reset to normal operation after  wrong hookup is corrected! Splices inline into brake line in handle on any brand controller. Also replaces DD827 10 amp fuse in our pro resistor controllers, Just solder between the fuse posts. Never buy a fuse again! 6/card @ $2.50ea, $15.00

DD836 - Brake Rheostat, Brake rheostat, economy, low cost full range rheostat as used in "E"Motion modules and controllers. Direct replacement for economy rheostat used by all electronic controller manufacturers. Also replaces rheostat in new DD717 Acu-Brake. $12.00

DD838 Power Transistor, Drag, replacement power transistor for DD410, DD415, DD420 and DD425 models. We also now recommend this as a replacement (instead of two DD830 transistors) for all older Dragtrollers with two transistors and red circuit board. Simply install DD838 transistor in heat sink and discard other heat sink and control wire. This is a more reliable set up and less expensive! $19.50