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"E"MOTION 3 HD30 controllers and modules are here! Updated!

I would like to announce that our new "E"Motion 3 HD30 controller design is now available. The 30-band wiper design features a plug-in Resistor Network circuit board with different values to change the band response to best suit any motor from 1/24 wing to scale to HO to 1/32 home set type cars.

The overall construction of the HD30 is the same as our current controllers. The design will be offered as factory-built controllers, modules to upgrade your Parma Turbo, or you can scratch build our factory controller using our DD242 D.I.Y. Frame Kit. Since this new design is compatible with our existing controllers we will also be selling an upgrade kit with a standard network installed on the main circuit board so racers can simply upgrade their current 10 or 15 band Pro Plus or Fanatic controller. Racers can also send in their controller for an upgrade and a tune up.

As a side note, I am celebrating 40 years in slot racing in 2009 as a racer and manufacturer. I want to thank all the people I have met and raced with over all these years.

New "E"MOTION 2 controller and module features:
*New 15 band design means super smooth transition between bands.  More bands mean better car control, a must, especially for scale racing.  Almost twice as many bands than that west coast eight band controller means you can pick the correct entry speed into your corner.  No need to settle for a band that is too fast or too slow.
*Pro Plus controllers and modules feature 15 fixed resistors with new wider resistance range.  Wider range helps control your car better for today's demanding scale racing yet still handles your wing cars.
*Fanatic controllers and modules now have 15 adjustable pots and an incredible 44% more sensitivity range than our old Fanatic controllers.  Just the turn of a screwdriver will slow the controller down to a crawl for your Eurosport car or quicken the response to drive the highest power G7 motors on heavy glued tracks.
*Modules:  Convert your turbo to an electronic controller inexpensively!  Our new "E"MOTION 2 slotted circuit board mounts lower in the turbo frame.  Slotted circuit board automatically locates itself up and down and side to side for simpler installation. The fuse can also be mounted on the circuit board to simplify the wiring.
*Mush button:  New non locking mush button can be mounted on the rear or front edge of the circuit board. We also use this new mush button combined with a tiny slide switch for our custom relay chokes.
*Fully labeled circuit board has number dials for easy and repeatable brake, sensitivity and Fanatic pot adjustment.


Difalco Design now has the great new handle colors from Parma. Purple, blue, yellow and red along with our black and clear handles are now available.

We have taken our innovative designs to the world of H.O. racing!

Do you have a Difalco Design External Resistor controller with a red or blue circuit board and round brass contacts? You can easily convert it to an electronic controller by adding an “E”Motion module. The circuit board bolts right to the frame and the heat sink module replaces the external resistor. You can even save more money by ordering a module with our economy rheostat and then replacing it with pro rheostat from your resistor controller. We will send you the reducing washers for free!

Build a Difalco Design controller from scratch and save big! Combine our DD242 D.I.Y. Frame Kit, the module of your choice with an existing handle and trigger. You will save about $90 by doing the work yourself.